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Advanced Team News & Registration

Skater & Parent Information "Meeting" Email 

A VERY important email was sent to advanced skater families. This included a lot of information and documents to review. Please be sure you have reviewed this email with your skater. Do not hesitate to reach out to Laura ( or 218-332-0196) or your coach with any questions. We are happy to help! 

Advanced Skater Apparel- Rambow

These orders will be available for pick up at the rink mid-November. Watch Remind and your email for more details! 

Spring Session Advanced Registration

Our Spring Session will run January 2021 through March 2021. Spring registration details and online registration will be coming in December.

Reminder: Advanced skaters are not required to participate in the Spring fundraiser. However, if you participate, all profits are deposited into your individual account to be used for ice registration, FFSC test session registration, apparel orders, etc. More details on spring fundraiser will be coming with Spring registration information.

2020 FALL Session Ice Block Details & Schedule



All blocks can be purchased by full hour. If you are only skating one hour on a morning that there is stroking, you will have the option to add-on stroking through the online registration process. ONLY purchase the stroking addition if you are only purchasing the last hour of the 2 hour block on any specific morning. This will allow your skater to get on 15 minutes sooner (6:30 am) and participate in the group stroking class.


  • 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm (10 weeks) $75.00 per hour


  • 5:45 am- 7:45 am (11 weeks) $82.50 per hour
  • 9:15 pm - 10:15 pm (11 weeks) $82.50 per hour


  • 5:45 am - 7:45 am (11 weeks) $82.50 per hour includes stroking 
  • 6:30 am - 6:45 am Additional Stroking $22


  • 5:45 am - 7:45 am (11 weeks) $82.50 per hour includes stroking
  • 6:30 am - 6:45 am Additional Stroking $22 


  • 8:15 pm - 10:15 pm (10 weeks) $75.00 per hour


  • 5:45 am - 7:45 am (10 weeks) $75.00 per hour includes stroking
  • 6:30 am - 6:45 am Additional Stroking $20 

Fall 2020 Fundraiser Documents

The Fergus Falls Skating Club is teaming up with Ole & Lena's Pizzeria and Epicure this session for our 2020 Fall Fundraiser! All of the details are available in the packet available for download above.

All skaters are required to participate in the fundraiser that is offered at the time their registration. You can not wait until the spring session to complete your fundraising if you are registering for the fall session. OR there is a Fundraiser Buyout Option during  the online registration process. 

Please contact Heather Schmidt at 218-831-3930 with any fundraiser questions.