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Fergus Falls Skating Club News

Two Summer Sessions Offered by FFSC

By Laura 04/14/2021, 3:00pm CDT

The Fergus Falls Skating Club is excited to offer two full summer sessions including Learn to Skate USA Group lessons, Learn to Skate USA Private Lesson and ice for our advanced club! 

We are excited to offer our Snowplow Sam and Hockey Skills classes again during these sessions! We are also adding a Parent/Tot Class! 

Summer Session #1: June 7 - July 1

Summer Session #2: July 12 - August 5

Click on a link below to direct you to the appropriate information for your skater! 



Learn to Skate Exhibition

By Laura 02/09/2021, 1:15pm CST


   Only Advanced and Learn to Skate private lesson skaters will be participating in she show this year due to COVID restrictions. Please understand that this was a very hard decision to make. Next year we hope to have our full show back! Show parts have been posted on the bulletin board in the hall next to the FFSC office! Please check the spelling of your skater’s name (If they are taking private lessons and planning to skate in the show) on the sheets posted on the bulletin board. If there is a typo/misspelling, please contact Heather Dirkman at 218-770-0532.
   We are still planning something special for our Learn to Skate skaters! Our plan is to have a little exhibition on Thursday, March 4th! Starting this week we will take 5-10 min to work on a routine that includes the skills in their level. The last week of skating we want ALL Learn to Skate skaters to come to practice on Monday, March 1st during your scheduled class time and we will have a little run through.   
   On Thursday, March 4th we will have ALL Learn to Skate Skaters come for the exhibition at 6:30 pm! More information will be coming regarding what rink we will be in and how many spectators we will be allowed. For the special family members and friends that will not be able to attend, we will be live streaming it for them to watch!


If you have any questions, please contact Heather Dirkman at 218-770-0532. Thank you!

Spring Session LTS Testing

By Laura 02/03/2021, 1:45pm CST

To move to the next level in the Learn to Skate USA curriculum, skaters will be tested by their instructor at the end of each session. Testing will be completed usually without the skaters even knowing they are being tested. Instructors may start testing the last two weeks of the session. Testing is a measure of the skills a skater has learned. Please be sure to encourage your child to excel, but please remember that each child will meet goals and advance at their own pace. Please do not compare your child to another, instead praise them for the goals they have personally achieved. At the end of the session each skater will receive an evaluation sheet. The skaters who have passed will also receive a badge and a certificate for their achievement. If your skater does not pass their current level, the evaluation sheet will be a great tool to see your skater's progress and to see what skills need improvement. If you have questions about your skater's advancement, please introduce yourself to your skater’s coach and feel free to ask questions.  THE LAST NIGHTS OF REGULAR LTS CLASSES ARE MARCH 1st & 4th.

Dress & Apparel Swap

By Laura 02/03/2021, 1:45pm CST

Is your skater going to be competing in the Compete USA Competition hosted by our club in March? 

Would you skater like a skating dress? 
Do you have skating dresses and apparel that are too small?

With our annual Compete USA Competition right around the corner, we have many FFSC Learn to Skate skaters starting to look for dresses!

Please bring any skating dresses and other skating apparel that you would like to sell and put them on the clothing  rack available. Please be sure your items are on a hanger. Attach an envelope to the dress with a safety pin. This envelope should state the size of the item, the price, your name, and your telephone number.

We will put dresses out on Mondays and Thursdays during LTS through the end of the regular session for our club skaters to look through and purchase. Envelopes for purchased items can be handed to the person who is selling the item if you know and recognize them or they can be turned in to the FFSC office and we will distribute sale envelopes from there. 


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