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Summer Session Learn to Skate Testing

By Laura, 07/28/22, 10:00AM CDT


To move to the next level in the Learn to Skate USA curriculum, skaters will be tested usually by their instructor at the end of the session. However during the summer session Tayler, the Summer LTS Director, will be doing all of the testing. Testing will be completed usually without the skaters even knowing they are being tested. Testing has already begun for some groups and will be finished by the end of session. Testing is a measure of the skills a skater has learned. Please be sure to encourage your child to excel, but please remember that each child will meet goals and advance at their own pace. Please do not compare your child to another, instead praise them for the goals they have personally achieved. At the end of the session each skater will receive an evaluation sheet. The skaters who have passed will also receive a badge and a certificate for their achievement. If your skater does not pass their current level, the evaluation sheet will be a great tool to see your skater's progress and to see what skills need improvement. If you have any questions about your skater's advancement, please contact Tayler Thompson and feel free to ask questions. Your skater may still move up levels prior to testing. Whichever level they finish at this summer session, will be where they start at in the fall session.