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Volunteer Information

2023-2024 Volunteer Requirements: 


The Fergus Falls Skating Club is run mainly by volunteers. Our club needs the support of our skating members and their parents to operate smoothly and successfully. All Learn to Skate USA, Private Lesson skaters, and Advanced skaters are all required to contribute a specific number of volunteer hours during the October through March skating season.

*You are required to track your own volunteer hours by using the Volunteer Tracking Form. This form must be turned in at the end of the season or when you have reached 25 hours and have earned a credit. See the Volunteer Credit Incentive Program details below.


Each Fergus Falls Skating Club family is required to volunteer during the skating year. The FFSC is a nonprofit organization, which is mainly run by volunteers. During the skating year (October-March) each family is required to volunteer time as noted in the 2023-2024 Volunteer Requirements.

Please contact the FFSC Operations Director at 218-332-0196 with any questions or concerns in regard to volunteering.

Policy on Show Admittance When Volunteering

If your position requires you to miss at least 1/2 of the show, you will receive a wristband to see the remaining parts of the show for free.  The only exception to this policy is that the Fergus Falls Skating Board of Directors and spotlight positions (we would like to see the same person(s) working the lights for most of the shows) will not be charged admittance, but are required to be available before, during, and after each show to work.

Don't forget these volunteer hours can all contribute to the 25 hours volunteering to receive the $50 registration credit and also counts towards the volunteer requirement of each skater if it has not been fulfilled as of yet.